50x Sit-ups
50x Double unders(or 200 singles)
50x Sit-ups
50x Walking lunge steps
50x Sit-ups
50x Burpees
50x Sit-ups


Caraly said...

Wow...came to write my meal down and am seeing tomorrow. WOW is all I can say.

B: Ham
L: Spinach, Lettuce, Ham
D: Baked pork

Christina...you are going to kick butt with the sit up portion!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a little scared of this. Have not been in about 2 months and I got the great news today that I have a herniated disk C4-5 and some other thing at C5-6. Good thing I will be going to PT on Wednesday....Gonna really need it....LOL. Lisa

Christina said...

Yes I am so excited! Bring on the sit ups!

Monica Fahrer said...

B: eggs, turkey bacon, mixed greens, avocado
L: burger, spinach, avocado
S: Turkey Jerky and mixed nuts - NUTS, i keep having nuts!
D: Chicken, green beans

Anonymous said...

B: 2 eggs
In a moment of weakness I had a grande skim latte this morning from starbucks - no sugar or Splenda though!
L: spinach salad- w/ egg bacon, mushrooms, turkey, olive oil
S: nuts
D: ground turkey w/ avocado, romaine, tomato olive oil

Caraly said...

B: Bacon
L: Pork
...and a big no no...I am so sore and tired from tonight and the long day that I had so I drank some water and am about to pass out without dinner...

Garland said...

B: cashews (oops)
L: salad w/ veggies and beef
S: pepperoni (barely a food, i know! but not carbs)
D: bacon (i was stuck...no time for real meal before event )

Anonymous said...

B: chicken saus & avocado
S: almonds
L: chicken saus & asparagus
D: chicken broccoli & onions

Caraly said...

B: Omelette with green peppers, scallions and bacon
L: Grilled chicken with spinach and green peppers
D: Filet