Jump Rope
Kettle Bell
Box Jump
Walking Lunges
Push Press

At each station 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off x 5
Stay at each station for all 5 rounds and then move to the next station


Christina said...

Its official went one week on greenfaces=)

Monica Fahrer said...

& still smiling - very nice - Congratulations!

Monica Fahrer said...

B: Eggs, Turkey bacon, mixed greens
L: Chicken burger, Chicken sausage, zucchini, pepper & Onion
D: Steak kebobs w/ Mushrooms, peppers & roasted fennel

Anonymous said...

B: eggs, ham, asParagus
L: shrimP & zucchini
S: Tom Tom turkey stick
D: chic & Brussels sprouts

Garland said...

B: bacon
L: chicken tenders, diet pepsi, & 1/2 a french fry (hey, i was at the Giants game--did the best i could!)
S: cashews
D: ham
i think the fry did me in; i feel bloated and disgusting.

MoHen said...

Congrats on a great week everyone!
Garland, the Pepsi is probably the yucky feeling, but it happens, giants won, and tomorrow you pick up the pieces and move on:)

Caraly said...

B: Bacon
S: Ham roll ups
L: Sausage and Green Peppers
D: Steak

I will say that today was a HUGE day for was my nieces christening/birthday party, food, snacks, cupcakes, booze everywhere..I didn't cheat AT ALL. We shall see if I can continue that while celebrating #34 on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...


Nice job Caraly!!

B: bacon, avocado, romaine
L: chic w/ cabbage
S: handful walnuts
D: garden meatballs,sausage, tomato sauce, broccoli, salad w/ olive oil

Monica Fahrer said...

B: boiled eggs, lox, mixed greens
L: Steak kabobs w/ peppers, mushrooms, roasted fennel over mixed greens, avacado
S: Turkey Jerkey & 2 Handful of mixed nuts
D: Chicken breast, green beans, salad

Garland said...

B: bacon
L: mixed greens, chic, tomato, mayo
S: cashews
D: mixed greens, chic, major veggies

this may peg me as a sicko, but i really love the monday workouts! (just don't ask my shoulders what they think in about 24 hours...)