About Mo

Molly is a certified Physical Education teacher in Fairfield. She holds a bachelor's degree in Physical Education, a Master's in Health Education, and a 6th year degree in Sports Performance.  Molly has developed a unique group fitness experience that motivates all age and fitness levels. Her passion for health and fitness goes beyond that and she is deeply personal with each client. She cares about every person she works with and will go above and beyond to help them live a healthy lifestyle. 

About Percy

Percy comes to us all the way from Australia to bring you his unique coaching styles and Aussie slang.  Percy has played professional level Rugby League all over the world and has developed the perfect combination of his competitive spirit and desire to see you all improve into every class that he teaches.  His attention to form and effectiveness of the movements will keep you all improving.  Percy is available for personal coaching as well.

For details on sign ups and classes, email Mo"fit.

The Mo'Fit Vision

Our goal is to show people that life is limitless when you are fit. There is something very empowering about reaching your fitness goals. Whether it be getting your first push up or running your first mile, we will get you there through our knowledge and desire for you to be your best.  The atmosphere that has been created at Mo'Fit is one of encouragement, motivation, and joy out of seeing people accomplish new things every day. We know how to push hard and get the most out of you every class.

All ages, genders, and fitness levels will benefit from Mo'Fit classes. Don't wait, now is the time to change!

The Mo'Fit Commitment to You
Mo'Fit coaches treat each client with respect, kindness, motivation, and genuine care for their well being.  We will continue to educate ourselves with the latest in the field of strength, conditioning, and group fitness.  Your time is valued and our classes will be on time and well organized.  We are committed to bringing you the most enjoyable and valuable experience at Mo'Fit.  This is not a fitness factory, this is a group of like minded people who want to look, feel, and perform better.  You show up to work hard, with a positive attitude, we will take care of the rest!