Hey all,
I want to make sure that even if you are taking part in the crazy challenge that your meals are resembling meals.  Although the first part of this challenge is more extreme, this is really about life long changes that you should be making.  By the end, the transition to a healthy paleo-ish lifestyle should not be a challenge.  Take a look at Monica's food log to see some examples of what it should look like.  She has 3 balanced meals, a snack, and plenty of water.  Key word being's a meal with healthy choices, nothing extreme, nothing crazy.  Proteins and vegetables.  And just imagine the possibilities when sweet potatoes and other colored veggies can be added in!  Keep up the good work!
ps. I am not a cook by any means, so my meals aren't quite as attractive, but here is a sample of my day yesterday...and if it helps any of you to know, I am on an extremely tight budget, I work 15 hour days 3 days a week, coach 3 basketball teams, and have 3 children attached to me from 3:30pm-bedtime, so no excuses of why you can't get it done:)

B: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon
S: hard boiled egg
L: broccoli, grilled chicken
S: Kale from chefs table(has a little dressing on it but don't know what it is)
D: Meatballs over a salad
Water, seltzer, and coconut water throughout the day.


Caraly said...

B: Bacon
L: Spinach, Lettuce, Ham
D: Lamb (sorry dinner isn't that balanced)

Garland said...

love the Chef's Table kale! when i get it, i fill the big container :) think the dressing is lemon + oil.
B: bacon
L: broccoli/cauliflower salad, chic breast
S: few cubes of jack cheese and clementine (work event)
D: cashews
meh...imperfect and unbalanced as usual...pretty much hate veggies.

Bill said...

Here are the two websites for recipes. I cant find the turkey meatloaf recipe I used. I did have the shrimp dish. It's not green but it's paleo.


Monica Fahrer said...

Awesome - thanks Bill - I'll definitely incorporate - mf

tommy said...

YOOOOOOOOOOOOO! GET MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FIT! This is ASPIRE Fitness just saying WHATTUP and can't believe I haven't seen your site yet.

Keep up the great work!


Monica Fahrer said...

B: boiled eggs, lox, spinach, cucumber
L: Scallops, spinach
S: paleo chili
D: Chili, kale, green beans, broccoli

Garland said...

paleo beans or brown sugar?

Caraly said...

B: Bacon
L: Chicken and Spinach
D: Chicken/Steak skewers, prussuito (sorry wrong spelling), even tried some brussell sprouts, realized I like them better burnt.