Sunday Team Wod

Bring your sneakers!

Teams of 3-4:
Run 800 m (5 laps around)
200 Ball Slams
175 Kettle Bells
150 Box Jumps
10 minute hand stand hold
Run 800 m

One person in the group must be jumping rope while another works.  If you have a group member who can do handstand holds, they will be jumping rope the whole time while the others accumulate a hold

if you have a watch, stop watch, phone for timing, please bring to help with handstand times for your group


Caraly said...

Saturday food:

B: Slept in no bfast
L: Grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce
D: Steak and spinach
LS: (late NYC at a restaurant party with preordered food was starving so had a small slice of a chicken quesadilla...didn't drink though.

Anonymous said...

Correction: caraly only had three bits of quessadilla I finished it off. Great will power all night caraly!!! I was So impressed! Keep up the great work!!!! :)

Monica Fahrer said...

B: baked egg, pork sausage, peppers
L: Chicken Sausage, zucchini
S: Nut mixture
D: sausage, chicken, mushroom, pepper, green beans

Monica Fahrer said...

Whoops - fogot to mention the drink - Patron, soda and limes - thanks Lynn!

Anonymous said...

B: 2 eggs and bacon
L: paleo chili and avocado
D: Paleo garden meatballs o/ zucchini
Coconut water, seltzer, water