Food thoughts

Make sure you are eating enough. This isn't weight watchers. Load those plates with tons of veggies and it should look more like 5-6 meals. Keep posting and sending me emails. Even if I don't specifically respond, I am still reading them all. Keep up the great work!


Caraly said...

My friend who is trying to help me find new things to make found this...I am going to do without the cheese and see how I like it...

Monica Fahrer said...

Thanks Caraly - this looks delicious!

Monica Fahrer said...

B: frittata
L: pork chops w/ zucchini
handful of mixed nuts
D: Sirloin Dijon w/ Kale & Broccoli

Safe to say my nut selection shouldn't be here during our 28 days?

Garland said...

B: bacon
L: chicken breast
S: handful raw cashews
D: green salad w/ sunflower seeds and a boatload of veggies

correct me if i'm wrong, but nuts=ok on paleo, not okay on green faces (which i am not doing due to a shameful lack of willpower...good golly, i feel i'm winning olympic gold when i follow strict paleo)

Caraly said...

B: Eggs with green peppers
L: Chicken breast with spinach, lettuce and green peppers
D: Steak with salt and pepper

I must admit I had a can of diet coke...I couldn't concentrate and would have gone crazy had I not had it.

Caraly said...

Garland I think you are correct about the nuts... I agree about the olympic gold!