In your new handy dandy notebook, I want you to write out your goals.  However, I want you to write it all in the positive as if it has already happened.  For example, almost two years ago when I first started mine read:
"I am so happy that I have reached my goal of lowering my body fat percentage.  My pullups are feeling great and I am able to do 10 unbroken!  I feel great, I look great, and I am performing at an athletic level that I never thought possible."
None of that was true at the time, but once you set yourself up in a positive light, and put that positive energy into the universe, anything is possible!  Think big!!

Strength Work:


3 minute handstand hold

3 minute plank hold on rings

Pull up work

Skull Crushers

Shoulder rotation skill

End with a new style of Tabata Sqauts

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Anonymous said...

After yesterday, I'm afraid I won't be able to get up from my squat! -Dana