Bring a jump rope!

5:25-5:40 Warm up with jump rope and handstand push up work...more of you should be working on double unders every day.

WOD #1:
150 Wall Balls for time

WOD #2:
5 minute amrap front squat(weighted squat)
5 minute amrap jump rope

WOD #3:
4 rounds for time
Run 400 meters
50 air squats

WOD #4:
Kettle Bell/ Burpee

Don't worry...only one workout per class!  You will rotate through workouts over the next two weeks on Tues/Thurs.  Sunday's are still at the track.


Caraly said...
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Anonymous said...

159 kb swings and 119 burpees to start a Tuesday off right!! I hope I can lift my coffee cup.

Caraly said...

Good work Shawn! I did that one too...got 147 kb swings and 83 burpees. I could barely lift my arms from the ring pulls...so now I am really in trouble. But I am getting mo fit!

MoHen said...

Remember...not all workouts are meant to produce the same results...some are to be faster and train certain muscle groups, while others are the chippers that take longer and really tax the aerobic endurance. All will make you more fit in different ways. Don't expect tomorrow's WOD to feel the same as Tuesdays! See you in the morning

Michele said...

I thought my legs hurt yesterday but that's nothing compared to today...I can't even stand up! Nice work Mol :)