1 round
Run 1200m
100x Push-ups
150x Sit-ups
200x Squats
Run 1200m

Monica- Bear crawl first part for 5 minutes
End with hand stand walk 100 meters


MoHen said...

What an amazing workout this morning! I am so proud that you all came out even after reading what the workout would be:)
Please post your times/thoughts to the blog. It will help the new folks get a sense of what to expect and it helps with getting to know a little about one another. Have a great day and all of you should be proud of your work today!!

Anonymous said...

I did not come today but I just accomplished my first goal. I ran a 5k race less than 10 minute/mile. Thank you Molly to make this happened!

MoHen said...

Way to go Nicola!! I am very proud to be your coach:) Now onward to new goals!!

Caraly said...

This class was tough, no doubt about it. I was one that was scared to show up after reading it. That being said, the ability to modify it based on fitness levels and to still get an amazing workout is very important. I am beyond sore, but feel that I am getting more fit which is my whole goal. Thanks for continuing to push me and motivate me to keep coming.

Monica Fahrer said...

Wow - that one was tough - i think my time was 33:30 - but more importantly, i just sneezed a couple of times and the pain in my abdominal muscles was quite surprising - something must be getting stronger!!!