Whole 30 Update

Hi Everyone!

Consensus is in and it looks like everyone's energy levels are up.  People are feeling good, starting to see the difference and a lot of you are noticing the bloat is already gone.  One common thread for everyone was snacks, so although I don't have all the answers here are two(sorry for the first one)
1.  You don't NEED to snack.  Your body will be ok on 3-4 meals a day.  Start to think and even log down when you want to snack.  Generally it's when you have a little down time and it might be boredom, not hunger driving this.  If you think it will help, after you prepare a meal that is the proper size for you, put some of it away and call that your snack later when your body tells you it's time to snack.  Also, hydrate.  Sometimes our bodies are just dehydrated.

2.  If you really are hungry, and it's not just habit or boredom, you can visit whole9life.com and there is a suggested approved snack list on their site.  I just found that they have wraps that are made of 100% coconut, which means you can enjoy a "sandwhich" again.  Throw in some grilled chicken, lettuce, a burger, whatever floats your boat and you'll be good to go.

Thank you for all of you who replied.  Amanda Cooley and her husband Andrew have been using some of their new energy to get creative in the kitchen...recipes to come soon!!

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