Warm up: Skill Work: Double Unders, handstands, pull ups,
Team Workout: One person works at a time
Thrusters 200
Mountain Climbers 180
Kettle Bell 160
Squats 140
Box Jumps 120
Burpee Ball Slam 100


Monica Fahrer said...

my legs are toast - but a paleo toast i'm sure!
B: Boiled Eggs, Lox, lettuce, avacado
L: Chicken, ham, asparagus
S: Turkey stick
D: Sushi, seaweed

One more week to go!

Monica Fahrer said...

OK - more specifically, Sashimi

Caraly said...


B: Eggs, Bacon
L: can't remember...
D: Chicken, lettuce and a spoonful of baked spaghetti at my sisters shower...tried to resist but had been running around and was starving.