This Week's Wods

I am posting all 3 workouts for the week.  The one that we will do will depend on the weather.  Some involve going outside, so we will do that first if the weather is good.  Christina, don't get all anxious because you will be at all 3 work outs, so you have to do them all:)

Each Wod starts with 15 minutes of double under practice

3 push ups
6 sit ups
9 air squats
every minute on the minute for 30 minutes

20 minutes of :
400 meter run
Max handstand push up ( modify with either a hold or shoulder press with weights)

20 minutes
5 handstand push ups(modify with shoulder press)
10 split squats
15 pull ups(push ups)


Christina said...

Thank you Molly. I will sleep better tonight!!!

Caraly said...

feeling that one! Gonna be a long flight tomorrow if I am feeling like this then!