Tomorrow's Workout (Tuesday)

Warm up-
-Double Under practice...really spend some time working on these.  Once you get one, then you will start stringing them's a great feeling
-For those who can't jump...Bear Crawl, mountain climbers, burpees..whatever it takes to get warm

5 rounds of sprints combo'd with different fitness skills that we have worked on...everyone's will be different based on what they need to work on, or what they are limited to

See you at the track...bring a jump rope if you have one.


shawnt said...

Tough workout today!! I know my comment about vomiting was not in step with the positive language, but I really thought it was a possibility after that 4th round. ;) See you tomorrow!

MoHen said...

But you said it with a smile and went for the 4th round, so it's all good Shawny:)

Great work today everyone!