Paddle Boarding Class

Hi Everyone!
I just signed up for a beginner's paddle boarding class at long shore in Westport tomorrow morning at 9:30 am.  If anyone is interested they can go online and sign up.  It's $45 for 2.5 hours.  I just googled paddle boarding in CT and followed the links to long shore.  I know there are company's that do it in Fairfield, but for my first time, I wanted the longer more instructional lesson.  Hope to see you there, otherwise I will see you on Sunday for a Team Wod.


Nicola said...

I would love to but I am having guests at my home. Let me know next time you go

Nicola said...

BTW I went to Chef's table today and I highly recommend the Paleo Lasagna. It is very good ...Thank you for the tip, Molly

MoHen said...

Paddle Boarding was awesome!! You definitely don't need a lesson. The instructor gave about a 30 second intro and then we just paddled for two hours. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for an additional and different workout.