Farewell Friday

Alrighty then Mo'Fitters!!!  It has snuck up on us fast,  today we will be sending off the one and only fair dinkum, fabulous Kate Kerrigan!!!   If you have never worked out with Kate,this will be your last chance for a little while :). Who knows ya might wanna beat her?  But whatever the case get on some Purple clothes and get in here and wish this young lady all the best before she takes off to college.

We have been amazed at your willingness to step up and take on a challenge no matter what, unbelievably positive attitude and a pleasure to coach.  Great human being.   Take care young lady.

Kate has requested a team work out.  come and watch this little champion go!!!!

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Teresa said...

Thanks everyone for Kate’s send off . She told us at dinner saying bye to the mofitters was like saying goodbye to her family.
Thank you so much for embracing Kate and welcoming her into the mofit family. We love you all!!