Get Mo'ving...Get Mo'tivated...Get Mo'Fit

The site is going to be under construction for a little bit, but here is a heads up on class postings to come

We will be on a 3 day rotation following along with the Mo'Fit slogan Get Mo'ving, Get Mo'tivated, Get Mo'fit.  Classes under each category will follow a certain theme.

Get Mo'ving days are station days
Get Mo'tivated are the amraps and the workouts for rounds where you really need that group energy to motivate yourself
Get Mo'Fit days will be either strength stations or a super Mo'Fit Challenge (like the 100 turkish get ups)
And Sundays will be reserved for Sunday Fun Day or Sunday Run Day (both sound fun to me)

I will put an example schedule up for you to look at below, but will not necessarily be posting every workout every night.  You will know what's coming by the theme of the day.  I know that it is necessary to vary the types and ways that you work out in order to see the benefits, so every week will have a total mix.  I know everyone is busy and it sometimes helps to know which days you are going to work out, so I thought this would help plan your week if you were looking for a certain something.  If you have medical issues that prevent you from doing certain skills, you can email me the night before to make sure it's a doable workout.  Otherwise, let's all just get in to class and Get Mo'ving, Get Mo'tivated, Get Mo'Fit!!

Monday:  Get Mo'ving

Tuesday: Get Mo'tivated

Wednesday:  Get Mo'Fit

Thursday: Get Mo'ving

Friday: Get Mo'tivated

Saturday: Get Mo'Fit

Sunday: Fun/Run      

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