So Proud

I cannot tell you how proud and impressed I am at Thursday's workout.  You ALL pushed so hard and gave this one a real go!  I had the honor of doing the workout with the 9:15 crew and it was a killer.  To watch everyone push through when the could barely stand was truly amazing.
Although everyone grew leaps and bounds as an athlete Thursday, I have to mention the efforts of our Birthday girl Christina.  On her 30th birthday she showed up to class and killed the workout with 20 lb dumbbells. But the best news was the news she shared with me today when she told me that she ran 4.4 miles and could have kept going!  Just seven months ago, Christina struggled to finish 1 mile and as she put it "finished last at every work out". Now she is a pushing others to go heavier, move faster, and crank through sit ups!
Happy 30th to Christina!!


Christina said...

Thank you Molly!!! And thank you to everyone that was apart of my 30th birthday!!!!!

Nicola said...

Happy Birthday Christina! So proud of you!

Caraly said...

Love mofit. Love the group and had a great time at the party last night! See you in the am!