Sunday's Team Workout

300 meter bear crawl
150 kettle bell swings
150 burpees
150 pushups
150 squats
300 meter bear crawl

Have fun!  Welcome visitors:)


MoHen said...

Still meeting this morning...I will do everything under the covering if it is raining this hard...but if it slows down, plan on getting a little wet:)

MoHen said...

Way to go troopers! We modified to stay out of the rain, so this workout will be done this week- team style. Looks like lot's of rain this week, so if we have to, we will do some strength training in my basement...I will keep you posted!

shawnt said...

Greetings from the Cape! Made my hubby do my workout with me this am in the rain. Warmed up with a 1.5 mi bike ride and stretches. Attempted the WOD with 100 squat, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups. Accomplished 100, 100, and 50. He was challenged and impressed. We finished with another 1.5 on the bike. I'm ready for a Bloody Mary! ;)

MoHen said...

Go Shawn! And tell your hubby any time he see's his crazy neighbor outside, feel free to come join me:)
Enjoy your bloody mary!

Caraly said...

Although I am really feeling this workout, I am also really feeling inspired. Thank you!

MoHen said...

Even though the evening class had to do the team workout in my basement, they trouped through and worked up a great sweat. Thanks for showing up and working hard!